Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again...

"Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again."
These are the words which our brothers and sisters throughout the world will proclaim as they gather around the Table of the Lord this day. "Thanks be to God." will be the words on their lips as they receive the bread and the cup as a reminder of what God in Christ has done for them. 
For some this morning, this holy moment is a burst of light in a dark world. For our brothers and sisters in Syria it is a time of great fear and anxiety about the future. For our brothers and sisters in many parts of the world it is an expectation of the day when things that are inescapable in their own lives will be redeemed by God. Where there will be no more hunger or poverty or AIDS or malaria or genocide or martyrdom or war. 
For some of us there is the longing for the day when there is no more suffering, no broken relationships, no cancer, no abuse of power or of the powerless, no senseless tragedy, no more tears, and no more war. 
We, like many in the world, long for our deliverance. For our EXODUS from exile. For the arrival of our Savior who will triumph over the powers of darkness and bring light and hope and healing and peace to our broken world. 
But we admit that this exile is still here. It is still happening. 
"Christ HAS died, Christ IS risen, Christ WILL come again."
And so we find ourselves this morning eager to be set free.
Free from the things that enslave us, from the cycles of death and grief and loss and suffering that seem unavoidable.
And this is where we find the power of the Table of the Lord. It is a table that is open to all who will come. It is a table that shows up in the most unlikely of places. It is a table that breaks into the world in anticipation of our Exodus.
We gather around it to reflect on what God has done. To recall the ways in which the Son of God gave his life for us, while we were still his enemies. To recall the ways in which God has sought to redeem the good world that he made and the people that he formed in his very image. To recall the ways in which the Spirit of God teaches us and transforms us more into the image of Jesus our Lord.
This table is small. It is the gathering place in the sight of God for a few hundred people who today are longing for their deliverance. As we come this morning we join with those around the world and throughout history who have come in anticipation of God’s redemption of the entire creation.
So as we come together, take some time to speak to one another. To share the ways in which you long for God to deliver you and the world in which we live. Draw strength and hope from one another in the truth that “Christ HAS died, Christ IS risen, and Christ WILL come again.”
May this table become our source of hope and expectation in the coming deliverance of our Lord and King.