As it is at the table, so it should be in the world...

For the early Christians this table was a place of hope and expectation. It was a place where the People of God met together in anticipation of the coming future where God would redeem the entire creation. 

And so we find that this table, this meal, and the expectation and hope that it represents shows up at important times and places in the life of believers. 

We find Christians gathering around the table to celebrate the baptism and new life of a brother or sister. 

We find them joining at the table during a marriage that is rooted in the bond of Christ and His church.

We find them coming to the table on the first day of the week in anticipation of the coming days of the neat future.

We find them coming around the table at the loss of a loved one in anticipation of the day when death is defeated and life has triumphed. 

For the church throughout history it has not been enough to simply say, "We remember." Memory shapes us as a people, but it quickly fades away. 

So the church has said, "We remember, we receive, and we await." We remember what was done by another for us, we receive his gift of grace and mercy in the midst of our brokenness, and we await the day when memory and grace for the moment are no longer needed. 

Or as the early church said. "Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again."

So we come today asking God to help us to have great expectations of the future. To learn how to grasp the depths of the redemption that he has promised. To see the ways in which his redemptive work has already begun. To remember his love for us Incarnate in his Son Jesus Christ.

And so we gather asking God to help us live out this idea: "As it will be, so it should become in the world."

Come to the table.