Invisible Gorilla

Cultivating a Spirit of Mindfulness

I have had the privelege of spending the day not only with my new friends and partners in the Kingdom at Rochester College in the Missional Leadership Cohort, but we have been blessed by spending the day with Randy Harris talking about the the spirituality of missional leaders. Randy showed us the following video. Watch it and then I will share the message he gave us so clearly and powerful today.


We primarily see what we are looking for or what our attention is drawn toward.

Randy said...

“Spirituality is primarily a way of seeing. Spiritual people are those who have trained their eyes and their ears to be attentive to the presence of God. If we do not train ourselves that way then God becomes a too cute invisible gorilla.”

He went on to share that the practices themselves carry little value on their own. But their value can be ascertained only in the context that these practices put us in the posture by which we become aware of the invisible gorilla.