SERMON: Resurrection and Mission

Resurrection and Mission from Spiritual (Re)Formation on Vimeo.

Part 3 in our Series "What Difference does the Resurrection Make?"

Here we examine how the reality of the resurrection of Jesus shapes the mission of the church. We will see that ultimately the resurrection shows us that God wants to redeem and reconcile us to Himself in every area of our lives.

SERMON: Resurrection and Death

This is the sermon I preached last week at the Central Church of Christ where I serve as the preaching minister. It was the second in a series (the first was not recorded) about the resurrection and how it changes our view. The first week was about resurrection and suffering. This sermon covered resurrection and death with two primary theses:

(1) Resurrection changes the way we experience death.

(2) Resurrection changes the way we think about causing death.

I hope you will listen, engage, and interact with what I think are some really important (and controversial) implications of the resurrection for the way we think about death.

This next Sunday we will continue the series by looking at Resurrection and Mission and finally on Easter we will look at Resurrection and Salvation.

If I can get all the kinks worked out I will begin to post sermons here in video format very soon.

New Resources on Spiritual (Re)Formation for Preaching/Teaching

I have begun a new element of Spiritual (Re)Formation to share resources and materials that have helped me in personal study and preparation for preaching and teaching. For the most part this area will be of most use to preachers and bible class teachers although anyone can benefit from much of the material in this area. I have started to list some of the resources that have been helpful in the current series that I am teaching on Ephesians and hope to add much more soon.

So check out Resources for Preaching/Teaching.

Living in the Way of Jesus...

The following list is from my sermon this last Sunday at Central. We were talking about the implications of the crucifixion of Jesus and the way that it radically reshapes the way that we are called to live our lives. Here it is:

We do not live according to the ways of the kingdoms of this world, but according to the way of the Kingdom of God.

  • We reject a life of revenge and "redemptive violence" to live a life of loving our enemies. 
  • We reject a life of power for a life of humility and service. 
  • We reject a life of compulsion or coercion for people to agree with our point of view in order that we may live a life of invitation for all to enter into the Kingdom of God. 
  • We reject the idea that those who claim to run the world in fact really do. 
  • We claim a citizenship that is NOT of this world and we follow a king whose throne is not in Jerusalem or Washington but is in Heaven at the right hand of God Almighty. 
  • We reject that we find life by preserving and enriching our own, but that we are to die to ourselves in order that we may life for the sake of others. 
  • We reject that there is another way to live the life that we were created to live other than the way of the cross of Jesus Christ.