New Series: Q & A on Spiritual (Re)Formation

I want to begin a new series here on Spiritual (Re)Formation where I deal with things that are relevant to those (few) of you who actually read this.

So here is how it will work:

You can submit your question here. You must include your contact information in the event that I need you to clarify or be more specific in your question. I will not publish who asked the question. You will be anonymous, but I want to be able to ask you if I have answered your question or not.

My goal (as I have time to answer your question with some seriousness and intentionality) is to respond to all questions submitted during this series either in writing, in video, or through private correspondance.

Disclaimer: Not every question submitted here will necessarily be appropriate for this venue. This is for two reasons: (1) Some questions will be about specific events and situations that simply should not be made private. (2) The entire purpose and vision for this series is to be edifying to those who read it and not divisive or counterproductive.

With that being said: Go ahead and ask.