2018 American Academy of Religion Conference
to Nov 19

2018 American Academy of Religion Conference

I will be presenting two papers:

In the Childhood Studies and Religion Unit my paper is entitled: The Children are Punished for the Sins [Done to] the Parents, to the Third and Fourth Generation: A Call for a Theology of Prevention

In the Moral Injury and Recovery in Religion, Society, and Culture Unit my paper is entitled: The Care of the Morally Wounded: A Trauma-Informed Theological Account of Sin and Moral Injury

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Streaming Conference at Rochester College
to Oct 5

Streaming Conference at Rochester College

From the Website:

Space and the Formation of Missional Communities

In a highly mobile society, the importance of “place” often gets overlooked in shaping identities, both personal and communal. For instance, most of us drive past several congregations before we arrive at the one we “attend.” Factors like worship style, doctrinal preferences, or age-tailored programs often make location or neighborliness irrelevant in choosing a congregation. Of course, this mirrors the loss of neighborhoods in general. Our garage door openers have turned our houses into fortresses and our neighbors into strangers. Our inattention to “space” has cost us in terms of human connection and awareness of how our actions impact other people’s lives. Our congregations are a loose aggregation of religious consumers who give an hour or so a week to being formed as Christians, much less communities called into the mission of God. As one writer observes, “In North America, worship has become a substitute for Christianity.”

There are, however, voices and movements reminding us of the importance of space in the formation of missional communities. And we’ve invited some of them to Streaming to help us imagine again what it means to be God’s people in a new missional era.

My Role:
Presenting a Spark Talk in which I will reflect on the intersection of my work and my relationships in the emergence of a missional community of the wounded for the sake of the world.

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