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Histories and Biographies

The Reformation of the Nineteenth Century, A Series of Historical Sketches Dealing with the Rise and Progress of the Religious Movement Inaugurated by Thomas and Alexander Campbell from its Origin to the Close of the Nineteenth Century ed. by J. H. Garrison (1901)

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The Rise of the Current Reformation, Or A Study in the History of Theology of the Disciples of Christ by Hiram Van Kirk (1907) 

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History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois 1819-1914 by Nathaniel S. Haynes (1915) 

Our Plea for Union and the Present Crisis by Herbert L. Willett (1901) 

Doctrinal and Theological

The Church of Christ by Thomas W. Phillips "A Laymen" (1915) 

How to Be Saved: A Study of First Principles by M. M. Davis (1914) 

The Plea to Restore the Apostolic Church by James C. Creel (1902) 


The Christ of the Church: Sermons, Lectures, and Illustrations by J. V. Coombs (1916)