Restoration movement texts written in the 19th century (full-text)


A Debate on the Roman Catholic Religion Held in the Sycamore Street Meeting House, Cincinnati, from the 13th to the 21st of January, 1837, between Alexander Campbell and the Rt. Rev. John B. Purcell (1837)

A Debate between Rev. A. Campbell and Rev. L.N. Rice : On the Action, Subject, Design and Administrator of Christian Baptism : Also, on the Character of Spiritual Influence in Conversion and Sanctification, and on the Expediency and Tendency of Ecclesiastic Creeds, as Terms of Union and Communion : Held in Lexington, Ky., from the fifteenth of November to the second of December, 1843, a period of eighteen days (1844)

A Debate on Baptism, Embracing Mode and Subjects, Between Elder J. A. Harding (Disciple) and T. L. Wilkinson (Methodist) (1886) 

A Debate on Baptism and the Work of the Holy Spirit, in which the Place of Baptism in the Gospel Economy, its Design, and the Work of the Holy Spirit in Conversion are Considered, Conducted by J. B. Moody (Baptist) and J. A. Harding (Disciple) (1889) 

The Holy Spirit

 A Scriptural View of the Office of the Holy Spirit by Robert Richardson (1837) 

Restoration Principles and General Books 

Declaration and Address of the Christian Association of Washington (Centennial Reprint Edition) (1809) 

The Christian System, in Reference to the Union of Christians and a Restoration of Primitive Christianity as Plead in the Current Reformation by Alexander Campbell 

Biographies and Historical Background

An Address on the Life and Labors of Alexander Campbell. Delivered at Bethany, W. V., June 26th, 1866, by request of the Board of Trustees of Bethany College by David Staats Burnet (1866)    

Memoirs of Alexander Campbell : embracing a view of the origin, progress and principles of the religious reformation which he advocated / by Robert Richardson (1897) 

Alexander Campbell, Leader of the Great Reformation of the Nineteenth Century by Thomas W. Grafton (1897) 

Home Life and Reminiscences of Alexander Campbell. By his wife, Selina Huntington Campbell (1882)

Memoirs of Isaac Errett with Selections from His Writings by James Sanford Lamar (1893) 

The Writings of Alexander Campbell: Selections Chiefly from the Millennial Harbinger by W. A. Morris (1896)

Early History of The Disciples in the Western Reserve, Ohio; with Biographical Sketches of the Principal Agents in Their Religious Movement by A. S. Hayden (1875) 

The Iowa Pulpit of the Church of Christ, Its Aim and Work, Containing a Statement of the Principles of our Movement, its History in Iowa, with Sermons, Biographical Sketches and Engravings (1884)

Origin of the Disciples of Christ (Campbellites), A Contribution to the Centennial Anniversary of the Birth of Alexander Campbell by William H. Whitsitt (1888) 

Christian Missions and Historical Sketches of Missionary Societies among the Disciples of Christ, with Historical and Statistical Tables by F. M. Green (1884)  

Alexander Campbell's Tour in Scotland, How He is Remembered by Those who Saw Him by Thomas Chalmers (1892) 

History of Reformatory Movement Resulting in a Restoration of the Nineteenth General Church Councils also a History of All Innovations, from the Third Century Down by John F. Rowe (1890) 

The Biography of Elder Barton Warren Stone, Written By Himself with Additions and Reflections by Elder John Rogers (1847) 

Life of Elder John Smith with some Account of the Rise and Progress of the Current Reformation by John Augustus Williams (1879) 

Writings Against the Restoration Movement

 A Discussion of Christian Baptism as to Its Subject, Its Mode, Its History, and Its Effects upon Civil and Religious Society, in Opposition to the Views of Mr. Alexander Campbell, as Expressed in a Seven Days' Debate with the Author at Washington, Kentucky, October 1823, and in His Spurious Publication of that Debate, and of a Previous One, of Two Days, with the Rev. John Walker, of Ohio and in Opposition to the Views of the Celebrated Mr. Robinson, and other Baptist Authors by W. L. McCalla (1828)

Campbellism Exposed, or, Strictures on the Peculiar Tenets of Alexander Campbell by William Phillips 

Rabbah Taken: Or the Theological System of Rev. Alexander Campbell Examined and Refuted by Robert W. Landis (1844) 

Campbellism Examined by Jeremiah B. Jeter (1855) 

Treatise on the Subject of Baptism: Designed Principally to Guard the Serious Inquirer after Truth Against the Sophistry of Campbellism by Andrew McDowell (1844) 

Theological, Doctrinal, and Hermeneutical  

A Guide to Bible Study by J. W. McGarvey (1897) 

First Principles and Perfection, or The Birth and Growth of a Christian by J. S. Lamar (1891) 


Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, Compiled by A. Campbell, W. Scott, B. W. Stone, and J. T. Johnson with Numerous Additions and Emendations by Alexander Campbell (1851)